Hailing from Seattle with members of SNUGGLE, LOST CAUSE and a few other bands is RATBITE. The first track comes in as raging thrashy poppy punk, though totally gritty at the same time. As the tape moves forward, their style switches up keeping the listeners on their toes. Just like listening to a COOTERS album, every song sounds a little different. Mostly male vocals with bits of raw angry female vocals, sometimes melodic sometimes raspy. Besides the COOTERS, they also have songs that remind me of FIFTEEN and Word as Law era NEUROSIS. While the drums and bass drive this psycho forward at a frantic pace, the guitar gets creative with melodies and noodly solos. The cover art throws me off a bit, though. But that’s just because I don’t have a solid grasp on all things artistic. It is a cut and paste style, which I like, but the theme goes over my head. The lyrics are in more of a personal style which allows for more emotion to come through while singing making it very exciting to listen to. Raw and angst ridden on a blue cassette for $4.99. This is another release that is limited to 100, so don’t wait too long. This is for folks who liked old school melodic dirty punk before it got shitty. (Jake)

Aborted Society Records / 1122 E. Pike Street #1377 / Seattle, WA 98122-3934 /USA