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Exclusive stream of Transmissions up now at CVLT Nation

Our good friends at CVLT Nation are exclusively streaming the entire AGE OF COLLAPSE - Transmissions release now, click below to check it out! http://www.cvltnation.com/exclusive-full-album-stream-age-collapse-transmissions-lp/

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EXTINCTEXIST review in MRR #400

EXTINCTEXIST – “Cursed Earth” LP Youngsters take note: if you want to do the crust thing, this is how you get down! Sounds like waking up in a vomit ridden crust squat somewhere in Europe in the ’80s, or maybe Minneapolis a few years later. These guys are somewhere between SKITSYSTEM and VENOM, right in the crusty sweet spot [...]

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Reviews of CTA and Insidious Process in Razorcake #79

Here's a couple reviews of COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON - Through the Wires LP and INSIDIOUS PROCESS - s/t LP from Razorcake #79!

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Here's some great reviews of our latest releases from Maximumrocknroll #370!  

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