We are excited to unveil two new releases for this summer after a long hiatus of relocation and reconfiguration here at ABSOC! We are still working out the details of shipping from Europe, so for now all orders will be processed and shipped from our new HQ in San Diego. Stay tuned on that! Ok enough chat, on with the new stuff we have in the works:

****please note that these are pre-orders and will ship at the beginning of September***


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Blown away by their intense live performances across Europe this past June, Melbourne, Australia’s EXTINCTEXIST comes out of the gates with their first full-length LP, Cursed Earth, which we co-produced with longtime friends RUIN NATION RECORDS from Bremen, Germany. Cursed Earth, features six tracks of pummeling, unrelenting and heavy political hardcore punk. With members of PISSCHRIST, NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, SCHIFOSI, and ABC WEAPONS, this project is certainly aligned with the punk/d-beat offerings of their former bands, yet with a refined metallic edge and extended song lengths that give way to moody intros and dirge-ridden passages. Lyrically the album deals with the conflict between the developed and natural worlds, in the context of a bleak, unpromising future. Recorded by Jason Fuller at Goatsound in Victoria, Australia, mixed by Heng Shen Yeap, mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door in Austin, TX., and artwork by Santiago Mazatl. Includes a beautiful full-sized lyric booklet, black vinyl, jacket, and mp3 download codes. Listen to “Scourge Amazonia” below:


Next up is a U.S. pressing for the demo cassette from KRIMINAL, a brand new hardcore punk outfit based in Berlin, Germany. Very much in the 80s Scandinavian style of d-beat punk, KRIMINAL features ex- and current members of INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL, COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, NOCTURNAL SCUM, GUIDED CRADLE, and RANDOM BLACKOUTS, although musically this is more straightforward hardcore than the metal/crust-leaning output of their related bands. Lyrically this is a diverse mix of dystopian fiction and personal politics, nested within a wall of distorted rock n’ roll riffs and pummeling drums. Pressed with metallic silver plastic shells, comes with lyric insert and shrinkwrapped in Norelco cases. Recorded by sgt. g at Kriminal HQ in Berlin, mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory in April of 2016. Artwork by Muro. Listen to “Caught in the Crossfire” here:

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