To kick off our new series of Featured Record Store articles, we thought it fitting to start in ABSOC’s new hometown of San Diego, CA.

In March 2015 Joe Virgilio opened a brand new record store in North Park in central San Diego. For those unfamiliar with North Park, it was home to some of Southern California’s staple punk venues throughout the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. Places like the Zampf, Wabash Hall and Scollari’s Office have all since been displaced by the same affliction currently washing over most of the West Coast. That monster we don’t like to talk about…Gentrification.

Opening a record store in post gentrification North Park was a bold move, but Joe has craftily identified his niche customer market by not only selling vinyl but also second hand DVDs, video games and consoles. Red Brontosaurus is drenched in nostalgia, and not in the ironic, synthetic, 80’s worship way that has hipsters in a craze right now. The feeling is genuine. Walking into Red Brontosaurus is like experiencing something classic. A preserved slice of old North Park from before they demolished Crazee Burger to put in yuppie condos.

Owner Joe Virgilio with his toys.

Concentrating mainly on Punk, Pop-Punk, Hardcore and Indie, there is a little something for everyone here and some absolute bangers for those willing to explore a little more. Every once in a while the record shelves get pushed to the walls to make room for bands to play in the back half of the store. If you have a chance to catch a show at Red Brontosaurus I highly recommend it. It’s crowded, hot, energetic and real.

Stop by Red Brontosaurus at 3044 N Park Way San Diego, CA 92104 or for all your punk, hardcore,  metal, indie, classic rock needs. They also have nearly the whole catalog of Aborted Society Releases on their store shelves!

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