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RATBITE – Two Teeth Cassette


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A refreshing mix of melodic punk and hardcore with dual male/female vocals, this is the first release by Seattle area group RATBITE.  Super-catchy dueling guitar leads provide a solid backdrop to energetic hardcore, sometimes weaving in and out of slow and surprisingly heavy dirges and breakdowns.  Featuring members of Snuggle, Pipsqueak, Lost Cause, Hexane, and Murmurs.

Recorded by Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery and mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio.

6 in stock


Product Description

RATBITE – Two Teeth Cassette

Release Date
June 2012

Pressing Info
100 cassettes on blue shells

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x .5 in

Black Vinyl, Silver/Black Splatter Vinyl


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