sadness of noise 008
co-released with Trująca Fala, Organized Noise

The Bold and the Beautiful started in autumn 2004 with a few members of punk bands from Lublin area (AntiChrist, Silence, G.C.M., Poem After Auschwitz, Unanimous Society’s Paradox, AntiCop), cause guys were just pissed off on polish specific lifestyle, political madness, religious frauds and attitudes of scene gestapo/scene merchandise of some dumbs. They had an idea to connect fast and angry punkrock with old style sarcasm in the vein of early ’80 hardcore and with political but not always deadly serious lyrics. In total – two guitars, two screamers, one bass and one drums. They call it Gitwa Punk and if you like Siekiera (a polish old punk “legend”) you know what they mean – fast and furious crusty powerviolence, aggressive and in your face. On the other side of the split you find Tunguska – Irish/Polish hybride with heavy and dark monumental neocrust mayhem. Totally devastating and powerful wall of sound in the vein of Silence, FAR, The Dagda etc.