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  • Adelitas_UnSoloGrito
    2009 Release on Defector records, this is a fairly hard to find EP by Portland's ADELIT@S! Hand numbered silk screened cover out of 500, on black vinyl. 4 tracks of Latin revolutionary folk-inspired anarcho punk with dual male/female vocals sung in Spanish. If you like this check out the "Llama Viva de la Rabia" LP out on ABSOC!
  • a0957203585_10
    Atmospheric and uncompromising, DETERIORATE, the new EP from San Diego's Age of Collapse, builds on the chaotic song writing formula established in their debut LP. Moments of slow, reverb drenched restraint topple into full-speed savagery, reinforcing the bleak themes of this record; that all around us shall wear away in the inevitable passing of time. Released April 18, 2015 Recorded and Mixed at Audio Design by Dan Maier Mastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall Illustrations by Joseph Sanchez Layout by Blaine Slingerland
  • Sale! ASF
    All Systems Fail "s/t" 7" [Loderbrock] Here's some heavy hardcore/punk from Utah that has a midpaced drive and a multi vocal attack that blends scathing screams with gruff shouts. I definitely like the vocal variety since three members contribute different styles, and the heaviness of their sound really allows even the faster chord progressions to feel somehow more pounding and moderately paced. The songwriting is pretty standard hardcore/punk with a crusty edge, there's nothing unexpected going on at all, so expect thick chord progressions, simple drumbeats, basic song structures, quick little lead breaks, etc. The heaviness definitely gives more energetic tracks like "Last Seconds Before Annihilation" a Swedish sort of sound, which continues to a lesser degree in "United Police States of America", but as with many of these bands there's not a terribly large amount of differentiation from song to song. The recording's pretty damn good. The vocals and drums are a little overemphasized in the mix, but it's still really heavy. Were it a bit clearer and letting the guitars and bass run the show it would sound a little more effective, but they're not harmed by the minimal issues I'd cite with the levels, so screw it. The record is pressed on red vinyl and comes in a black and white sleeve with solid illustrations mocking the current political administration as well as all of the lyrics. Some of the lyrics are in Spanish, so an additional insert is included that provides appropriate translations for every song (the English songs into Spanish, the Spanish into English). As expected the content is intently socio-political in nature and attacks the current state of the world as far as war and imperial domination are concerned, but the lyrics are definitely a little longer and more pointed than your average punk act these days: "Nuclear nightmare diplomacy has turned into nuclear proliferation, Instead of changing what needs to be changed we use the pretext of weapons of mass destruction to further our foreign policy, Here come the bombs, We built the bombs, We sold the bombs..." This isn't bad. I'm not blown away by the songwriting, but that's just because it's a little too commonplace. "Last Seconds Before Annihilation" is an excellent song that has more crunch and more energy to its speeds, so it immediately jumps out as a result. If they can reach that point more often they'll definitely be better suited to kicking ass. (6/10) Running time - 12:00 (approximately), Tracks: 5 [Notable tracks: Last Seconds Before Annihilation, United Police States of America]
  • Sale! s-l300
    "ANFO is anti-homophobic, anti-racist, and anti-sexist. The lyrics denounce and critize the state and communicate ideas against nations, boundaries, patriotism, and war. In addition to this some members work in anarcho punk movements and participate in direct actions. The stance of the band is that of a total rejection of government, discrimination, and all types of injustice and mistreatment of humans and animals alike." Red Vinyl.
  • Sale! asilestep_original

    ASILE – Demo 7″

    $5.99 $5.00
    Originally self released on tape by the band in 2010, ASILE's first recording is finally on vinyl!!! It is a testament to scandinavian style Franco-Ontarian hardcore punk. Soaring dual leads and unique vocals set them apart from the pack, but these songs are heavily influenced by ANTI CIMEX, and have earned them the surname "Canadian Jawbreaker" Black vinyl on Chaos Rurale Records.
  • assassinatorsep
    4 new Songs by my favourite Band from Copenhagen!!! Amazing Power-Punk with female voice and amazing melodies!
  • Sale! Condition
    CONDITION from Los Angeles (and surrounding areas) are here with five blistering tracks of hardcore punk in the Scandinavian/Japanese influenced vein. With a huge sound quality this is probably the most devastatingly massive sounding record RUST AND MACHINE has released to date. Ear shattering feedback permeates throughout the record, yet the band focuses more on absolute power and hard hitting loudness instead of just relying on simple noise and distortion like the current trends going right now. Influences ranging from the greats such as ANTI-CIMEX, CRUDE SS, FRAMTID and BASTARD shine through in these tracks, but CONDITION definitely brings a unique sound that you will hear and feel with your entire body. Featuring members of DNF and KRUEL amongst other notable acts. The latest and current formation of the band now features the drummer of EFFLUXUS. 'Deteriorating' was originally available on cassette tape, with 350 copies also available on 7" pressed in Europe by De:Nihil. Now finally here is the official US pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl, with a slightly different layout including a red cardstock cover. On Rust and Machine
  • Sale! dsb_split.gif
    2 new amazing songs by copenhagens THE ASSASSINATORS. a bit more iron maiden meets bad religion as their older releases (www.myspace.com/theassassinators). now they team up on this split EP with one of my favourite japanese bands. D.S.B. are play radical japanese hardcore punk!. D.S.B. channel their anger and disappointment into this very aggressive release. There is a more harmonized vocal approach on this release, which is a departure from their shouted deliveries on past releases. Not to worry you diehards, these harmonies will stick to your ribs! German release on Alerta Antifascista.
  • Sale! deto7cover12proof
    Four new songs of crisp, fast and pissed off hardcore from Eugene's longest running hardcore band, this record takes all the melody and guitar leads of "Balls To You" and the speed, power and rawness of "Just Another Reason" to create four of the best tracks The Detonators have recorded in their twenty plus year career.
  • Sale! 079_DisWar7L
    FFour more songs of ultra-political punk rock that takes inspiration from classic 80's punk rock, ranging from Riot City to Crass to Discharge. With two male and one female vocalist, they hit their message home with a non-stop vocal barrage, directed against such poignant topics as religious intolerance, the senselessness of joining the military, police brutality, and western governments' complicity in genocide in the third world. Disrespect are comprised of veteran members of Minneapolis punk mainstains such as Misery, Civild Disobedience, Destroy and Pissed, Disrespect are rapidly making an inroad towards passing along their passion for punk and politics to the next generation.
  • Sale! Drainland_cover-crop-300x288
    Enabler throws two calculated blasts of metallic hardcore onto one side while Drainland lays down a vile bile soaked dirge onto the other. 500 copies. black vinyl. Jan 2012. Pressed at United Record Pressing. Covers printed at Econopress. Includes download card. Co released with DeGraanRepubliek
  • GehennaEP
    Originally released on an obscure label out of Canada (Hit The Deck Records), only very few copies of the original GEHENNA 'Land Of Sodom' 7" ever made it into anyone's hands. This brutal EP is finally available once again with a few improvements to the original recordings, re-dubbed 'Land Of Sodom II'. Also included is a CD with the LOSII tracks are the previous vinyl-only 'Upon The Gravehill' LP" tracks. FFO: Integrity / G.I.S.M. / Hellhammer TRACKLIST Vinyl: Tormentor / Possessed / Caveman / Land Of Sodom CD: Tormentor / Possessed / Caveman / Land Of Sodom / Lay To Waste / No One Will Ever Miss You / Sadist / My Survival / Mescalin Psychosis / The Voice Of Destruction / Spiraling To My Demise / I Made You / Trample This Earth / Upon The Gravehill On A389 Records, black wax w/ CD and gatefold jacket. Epic.
  • Sale! cobraholy
    THE HOLY MOUNTAIN hailing from Tampa, Florida! The Holy Mountain play a brutal brand of hardcore punk. Using the d-beat, the blast beat, bitter demented vocals, and fucked-up over the top guitar leads, The Holy Mountain dishes out musical violence that has been compared to bands like World Burns To Death, Driller Killer, From Ashes Rise, and Deathside. Dan from Combat Wounded Veteran handles vocal duties and pens bleak, spitefull lyrics railing against attoricities and oppression and the concentraitions of power responsible for them! COBRA NOIR are from Montreal, Quebeck. after proving that their debut was no fluke, Cobra Noir's next effort, the split with THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, is yet another hammer to the face, this time delivered with even more venom and malice. Just brooding hardcore that rages with ferocity, it would give a Norwegian black metal goon a case of fudge-laden Fruit Of The Looms. the songs channels the ravenous aggression of almost-forgotten Canadian hardcore kings UNION OF URANUS and the BLACK HAND, both bands who clearly had metal in their hardcore before the term "metalcore" held about as much weight as "I promise." Channelling these influences through the confrontational grit and fortitude of DISCHARGE, the result is an endless barrage of bowel-rumbling chords pushed through overdriven amplification, a vocal style reminiscent of a sinner's froth-laden wailing as Satan plucks out his pubic hairs one by one and drums that border on incomprehensible while still providing the thrust necessary to make this behemoth blow the stainless steel out of your lobes.
  • IntegrityKingdomofHeaven
    20th Anniversary collection of various tracks INTEGRITY recorded in 1992 with David Nicholi Araca on drums before his untimely passing. TRACKLIST Kingdom Of Heaven / Rebirth / Eighteen A389 Records, black wax.
  • Kalashvampirizzatiep
    New 7″! Comes with a 12 page booklet(!!) and a 7″x42″ fold-out picture sleeve!! Female fronted anarcho punk, experimental pop, folk metal. This is probably the most diy and yet heavily packaged band on earth, this is another awesome installment from Italy’s romantic punk anarchists. Co-Released with Sapilla, S P Records, La Revolution Ne Sera Pas Motorisée, Deny Everything, Baobab Produzioni, Kutre Productions, Nuclear Chaos Released November 201. Black vinyl, so recommended it's not even funny!
  • mundoEP
    Repress of this 2010 EP. Classic stuff! An exciting new band from the Southern California area—which I have had the pleasure of seeing a few times this year—that has really caught my eye and ears. Featuring a collection of members from Mala Sangre, The Homewreckers, and Svarta Tankar, this band has an early ‘80s sound that takes pieces from South America and Mexico and make it sound relevant today. Songs sung in Spanish are backed by a sonic push of lightly distorted guitar sounds that give the music a raw edge but hook you with their strong melody. It makes you want to just dance in the pit or pogo in your room. First time I heard the music, I got energized with excitement that I’m really going to have fun listening to this instead of the usual appreciation of music through anger. I can’t wait to see what more is in store from this foursome. –Donofthedead (Mundo Muerto, myspace.com/mundoxmuerto) (Razorcake)
  • Sale! NIKMAT-OLALIM-Self-Devouring-Land
    Back from a European tour, this is a very surprising, young and intelligent Hc-Punk band from Israel. Nice presentation and overall cool record. Comes with essays, poster/lyric insert with translations in Hebrew and English!
  • DSCN2767
    Release by Portland's NUX VOMICA on Defector Records, color vinyl!
  • OSScover_original
    Finally the debut release by Seattle's own OCCULT SECRET SERVICE (OSS) makes its way onto vinyl in the 7" format. Influences range from the best of Scandinavian and Japanese hardcore, early UK metallic crust, and even some hints of early first wave black metal. Black vinyl on Rust and Machine Records.
  • Sale! OOTVDeathMask
    ORDER OF THE VULTURE returns with a release on Defector Records, "Death Mask." Death Mask features three songs from the newest recording session at the Ship. More Pitch Blackened Crust. Deathmask is loosely based around the Italian Teatro Grotesco most commonly associated with the writings of Pirandello from the 1920's. Their Nihilist anti-natural philosophies were a precursor to the Theatre of the Absurd. Highly recommended, check out their other releases on Aborted Society!