Our mixtape for CVLT Nation is online now!  Check the original post here.  Tracklist below.

It’s bizarre to think that this label is now 13 years old; what started out as an art project and supplement to a print zine quickly kind of spiraled into much more than we ever anticipated. This mix represents the second half of ABSOC’s discography, and is intended to showcase the direction we have taken over the last 5 years or so. While all of these bands are quite different in nature, the one thing they all hold in common (outside of all of them being very nice people) is that they are all breaking out of typical genre molds and are doing something unique, while staying firmly rooted in DIY punk. We really try to identify bands we think are pushing the envelope, and keeping the underground challenging and provoking.

We are basically an analog label; our releases are all largely on vinyl and cassettes (very few CDs), and our only foray into digital distribution is via MP3 download cards. We really believe a record should be experienced with artwork, layout, and lyrics when available, and really put effort into making packaging unique. We are based in Seattle, and have largely focused on Northwest bands until recently with collaborations with partner labels in Sweden, Germany, and Canada.

We’d really like to thank Sean and Meghan and everyone involved at CVLT NATION for all of their amazing support over the past few years! And cheers to all of you whom have ordered from us, supported the label and came to the shows and tours we promote. It’s been an amazing ride and we are really excited for this upcoming year’s releases which will include the s/t debut full length from INSIDIOUS PROCESS, early 8” lathe and demo releases put to 12” by NÜ-KLĒ-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN, a re-issue of early material from KALASHNIKOV (Italy), and an upcoming split between ADELIT@S and KOHOSH (Seattle). Keep it DIY!

Rob + Matt
Aborted Society

CVLT Nation Label Mixtape Series Curated by Aborted Society:
1. INSIDIOUS PROCESS – Stänger Av — s/t LP (ABSOC 030) [Göteborg, Sweden]
2. FUTURE RUINS – Dead Peasants — s/t LP (ABSOC 022) [Stockholm, Sweden]
3. MURDERESS – Drown Out All — The Gate 12”/CS (ABSOC 026) [Portland, OR]
4. ORDER OF THE VULTURE – Our Hope — Martyr for Nothing EP (ABSOC 019) [Portland, OR]
5. NUX VOMICA – Embrace the Cycles — Embrace the Cycles EP (ABSOC 021) [Portland, OR]
6. RATBITE – I, of the Storm — Two Teeth CS (ABSOC 024) [Seattle, WA]
7. COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON – Livestock — Through the Wires CD/CS (ABSOC 027) [Seattle, WA]
8. MURMURS – Dolorous — Fly With the Unkindness CS (ABSOC 029) [Seattle, WA]
9. NÜ-KLĒ-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN – Beginning of the End — 8” Lathe/Demo LP (ABSOC 028) [Augusta, GA]
10. MURDERESS – Victimized —The Last Thing You Will Ever See… LP (ABSOC 017) [Portland, OR]
11. AVFART 33 – Punkhierarki — split w/ INSIDIOUS PROCESS LP (ABSOC 020) [Malmö, Sweden]
12. ADELIT@S – La Salida — Llama Viva de la Rabia LP/CS (ABSOC 025) [Portland, OR]
13. AGE OF COLLAPSE – Final March — Burden of Beast LP/CS (ABSOC 023) [San Diego, CA]
14. NUX VOMICA – Kaumaha — Asleep in the Ashes 2xLP/CD/CS (ABSOC 016) [Portland, OR]