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Next MEDIA BLITZ! Record Swap this Saturday!

These have been super fun so far, so make it down to your favorite DIY space in Georgetown this Saturday, January 29th, 2011 from 4-7PM!  Bring beer and record monies!

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Great CTA LP review in The Stranger by Brian Cook!

http://lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2011/01/14/album-reviews-owen-hart-countdown-to-armageddon-same-sex-dictator Countdown To Armageddon’s full length features fewer nods to the metal world, barring the requisite Motorhead buzzsaw attack behind every d-beat band. Eater of Worlds (Aborted Society Records) is definitely a part of the Profane Existence/Skuld lineage of black-clad crust punks dropping bleak, bare-bones riffs over even bleaker lyrical motifs of government control and [...]

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Another great MURDERESS review in RAZORCAKE!

MURDERESS: The Last Thing You Ever See...: LP Dark and haunting metallic crust that paints a picture of a dark world. A fitting soundtrack for a modern day horror house. There is an element I just can’t pin down that makes me think of witches. The vocals are pulled back in the mix a bit [...]

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