ABSOC 017 - MURDERESS - The Last Thing You Will Ever See... LPABSOC 017
The Last Thing You Will Ever See… LP

Original Release Date: July 2010
Pressing info:

3rd pressing: 500 on swamp green vinyl
2nd pressing: Limited East Coast tour edition of 100 on black vinyl w/ hand-numbered silk screened jackets (Aug 2012)
1st pressing: 400 on Translucent Green/Black vinyl, 100 on Black vinyl (July 2010) – SOLD OUT

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Aborted Society is proud to present the debut LP from Portland’s MURDERESS. Dark, brooding metallic d-beat crust punk with spine-tingling screaming vocals, this is an up and coming female-fronted group that falls somewhere in between the 80’s metallic punk style of groups like SACRILEGE (UK) and melody-driven crust akin to ZERO HOUR. This release comes with a poster/lyric insert, black paper inner sleeves, a nice matte-finish jacket, and a free download card of the record for MP3 players.

MURDERESS - The Last Thing You Will Ever See... LP Green/Black Vinyl

Track Listing:

1. The Beginning/Sinking Further
2. No More
3. Monolith to Perversion
4. Is This It?
5. Discordance Pervades
6. Victimized
7. Born to Die
8. Blistering Red

Watch: “Born to Die”

From MRR #329:

MURDERESS- “The Last Thing You Will Ever See…” LP
Metallic Apocalypse crust of the very finest variety. The guitars on this record are beyond fucking insane: sweeping leads and soaring melodic overdubs accent the ballistic approach that the rhythm section takes. But don’t let the occasional Swedish axe lick fool you into thinking that MURDERESS are anything approaching a by-the-numbers ensemble; these songs are superbly crafted and played so well that all that’s left for you to do is sit back and listen. The guitars (yeah, back to the guitars again, but the shit is pretty crazy) permeate every aspect of the recording, and the vocals have the harsh and bleak quality often associated with black metal, but even amidst the solos, this never seems cheesy or calculated in the least… MURDERESS just slays. (WN) (Aborted Society)

From Rock Hard Magazine (by DARKTHRONE’s Fenriz)
MURDERESS “the last thing you will ever see…” (ABORTED SOCIETY RECORDS)
former BAND OF THE WEEK because of an astonishing demo, these Portland maniacs head onwards with their VERY organic sound, reminding the listener of BURZUM/DARKTHRONE gone crust at first. Then later all the details reveal themselves, and you find more and more substance. Songs like SINKING FURTHER and VICTIMIZED are already classics in my book and give me goosebumps every time I hear them.

So many try to copy Vargs vocals, but it is when it happens unintentionally that it is interesting for me. Vocals have a touch of KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR as well, very very raw. Drumming is excellent, the riffs are truly epicly crafted and the execution of it all is like HIS HERO IS GONE fused with the 3 first VOIVOD albums. But i am not a reviewer, I am a listener and an ENJOYER, so this is all i wanna say for now. This beautiful vinyl version (cleverly and tastefully coloured vinyl) will most likely become a collectors item, so run and buy it at first sight.

THANK YOU Rachel and Amanda and Eben for making this music happen!

From Razorcake:

The Last Thing You Ever See…: LP
Dark and haunting metallic crust that paints a picture of a dark world. A fitting soundtrack for a modern day horror house. There is an element I just can’t pin down that makes me think of witches. The vocals are pulled back in the mix a bit and use a liberal amount of reverb or echo to recreate a sound of a women screaming in an abandoned church. The guitar riffs add that black metal tone to create textured ambiance that sounds like fear amongst the heavy chords that are played. The drums drive and accent the notes to accentuate the power. There is a bit of dirtiness that I like coming from the bass that you can hear it on its own while still adding to mix. The band has a sound that I would compare as a mix of Kylesa meets Agrimonia. The ability to create a musical soundscape with emotion catches my attention and to do it consistently sells me every time. A solid release. –Donofthedead (Aborted Society)
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