Name: Ratbite

Date Formed: October 2010

Lineup: Eric Brose (drums), Mike “Bite” Biga (guitar), Jerome Sosa (guitar, vox), Mary Chakhtoura (bass, vox)

History: Originally formed in a drunken stupor, Ratbite began one night in October 2010 with Mary doing vocals (and drums on one song), Jerome on drums, and Steve King (Weird Lords, New Luck Toy) on bass.  Five songs were written and recorded that night.  When sobriety kicked in, Mike joined and played drums with Jerome on guitar and Mary on bass for a few months, writing a few songs, including Moss Shrine.  The current line-up formed when Mike moved to guitar and Eric started playing drums for Ratbite in February 2011.

“One Tooth” Canadian Tour self-released 4-song CD, 2012
“Two Teeth” Full-length Aborted Society cassette tape, 2012

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