Murderess was formed in the summer of 2008 by housemates Rachel Nakanishi, Eben Travis, and Amanda Burghard. The three have held strong to release a demo and a full length and go out on two tours despite their revolving line up of bass players and singers. The self-titled demo was released by Tomorrow Belongs to Us in February 2009 and the full length, “The Last Thing You Will Ever See…” was released in August 2010 by Aborted Society Records. Murderess practices and records at home, hand screens all of their own shirts and makes all of their own artwork. Influenced by Celtic Frost, Bathory and Anti-Cimex, Murderess has a unique sound all of their own filled with pain, anger, and hatred. Dual harmonized guitar parts lay over raging d-beat drumming. Past members include Brian Ledger (Led)-bass, Jason Roberts-bass, and Jamie LaRose-vocals. The current line up consists of the original singer, Jozy Kinnaman and Casey Lynch on bass.

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