ABSOC 016 - NUX VOMICA - Asleep in the Ashes 2xLP/CDABSOC 016
NUX VOMICAAsleep in the Ashes 2XLP/CD

Release Date: August 2009
Pressing: 500 on Gatefold custom splatter 2x vinyl w/ booklet, 500 CDs in standard jewel cases, 100 Cassettes in green shells w/ color J-Card

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Portland’s NUX VOMICA return with their second full-length album on Aborted Society, “Asleep in the Ashes.” Constantly defying easy classification, NUX VOMICA has persistently challenged and redefined the constructs of DIY punk since their inception in 2003, and this release is certainly testament to that. Merging elements of crust, thrash metal, sludge, doom, psychedelia and post-rock, Asleep in the Ashes is a 60-minute long epic that weaves in and out of genres with equal amounts of ferocity and complexity.

Striking full-color cover art by Jason Angst. Special color vinyl first pressing includes full color gatefold jacket, black paper inner sleeves, and two brilliant colors of vinyl for both records.

NUX VOMICA - Asleep in the Ashes 2xLP

ABSOC 016 - NUX VOMICA - Asleep in the Ashes Cassette

Track Listing:

1. Where Minds Can’t Grow
2. The Invasion
3. The Discussants
4. Walk Through the Ashes
5. Corpses with Egos
6. Kaumaha

Listen to: “Where Minds Can’t Grow” [audio:http://abortedsociety.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/01-Where-Minds-Cant-Grow.mp3|titles=NUX VOMICA Where Minds Cant Grow]


From MRR #328 October 2010

NUX VOMICA – “Asleep in the Ashes” 2xLP
The second Lp by Portland’s NUX VOMICA is an expansive, impressive effort featuring just six songs over two full albums that last more than an hour. These songs are pretty “Cradle to the Grave” style- progressively diverse within themselves, raging from mid-tempo rockin’ punk to thundering metal to snippets of GUYANA PUNCH LINE-ish bursts of scathing thrash, to sky-opening epic crust riffs and bleak ambient, psychedelic passages. The vocals are full-on gnarled scratching screech a la WORD SALAD, but with detailed, thoughtful lyrics about the environment, decay and colonialization… An always solid recording from the Jam Room sets a foundation for this commanding adventure of sound, packaged in a nicely painted gatefold sleeve with splattered vinyl. (KS)
(Aborted Society)

Dusted Magazine: Still Single Vol. 6 No. 14

Nux Vomica
Asleep in the Ashes 2xLP
(Aborted Society)

Big, lumbering, dirge-ridden metal with lots of diabolical, mournful chordery, and a shitload of changes in each of the six tracks presented here. Portland’s Nux Vomica lines up death metal with a little commercial BM counterparts and some thrash and d-beat elements to play this game where they keep switching it up in longform, plenty heavy epics. I know that the length of these songs is probably appealing to their fans, and if they could convince someone to release a beautiful gatefold sleeve and double splatter vinyl for them, I’m sure those fans exist. They get some Isis/early Pelican tribal moments going on in their instrumental “Walk Through the Ashes,” but the metal comes back and the band does not let you forget why they do what they do. Nice package, includes a booklet and very pretty colored vinyl. (http://www.abortedsociety.com)
(Doug Mosurock)

From Terrorizer No. 193
‘Asleep in the Ashes’
Aborted Society
The band now known as Nux Vomica began in bullet-ridden Baltimore before peacing out to the much greener pastures of Oregon several years later. The suffocating social and economic problems that plague the city of its birth are reflected in the sludgy, strung out swaths of doomy crust punk that populate ‘Asleep in the Ashes’, while the progressive-minded West Coast gently makes its presence known in the album’s experimental, melodic, genre-bending. Nux Vomica play a swirling mix of melodic death, crust, ambient, and doom that not only manages to make sense of itself, but works so beautifully and with such raw cathartic honesty that it’ll damn near bring you to your knees. Epic, cohesive, and remarkably innovative for a band that pledges to “up the fucking punx by any means necessary”, ‘Asleep…’ is an absolute gem of an album and one that deserves boatloads more attention.
[9] Kim Kelly

From Razorcake – http://www.razorcake.org/site/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=21743
Asleep in the Ashes: CD
I thought this was an EP when I saw that there were only six songs. I was wrong on all fronts. This thing clocks in a bit over an hour or so. But surprisingly enough, it was not a labored effort. It’s a genre melting pot of epic storytelling soundscapes. You get everything from crust, black metal, punk, and rock with everything in between. Fast, slow, medium. It runs the gamut for a tonal adventure. The music is not pretty by any means, but it does take you on an adventure of sound. Production-wise, I was surprised by the brightness of the recording. I was expecting more of the dark, bottom-heavy sound. But this has a more open and widespread sound of guitar gushing from the speakers, giving the music a speck of hope. That’s not common among many contemporary bands that they may play along with. I saw the band live when they came through my town on tour recently. Hearing these songs live was eye opening. Also seeing them a few years prior showed that they are a band that definitely has come into their own. –Donofthedead (Aborted Society)

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