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“L’Algebra Morente Del Cielo” or “The Dying Algebra of the Sky,” is the sixth full-length release from KALASHNIKOV COLLECTIVE, a 7- sometimes 8-piece romantic punk group from Milano, Italy. Defying easy classification, Kalashnikov embraces a myriad of musical and cultural influences; imagine an 80s crossover punk band doing the tango to synthesizers, and you’re somewhat close. Wave, ska, metal, thrash, anarchopunk, traditional and classical interludes weave in and out at a breakneck pace, and somehow make perfect sense in the world of K! Collective. It is a lyrical protest against an impending dystopian future, and if the revolution were to throw a dance party, this would be the soundtrack.

16 in stock


Product Description

10 tracks on 180 gram black vinyl, 16-page color booklet with lyrics and artwork.


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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x .5 in


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