Finally, after months of waiting, here is the debut LP from Ottawa, Ontario’s ASILE. (Asylum in French) Drawing influences by UK greats Discharge, Doom, and Swedish greats such as early Avskum, Shitlickers, Puke, but even more so Anti-Cimex, ASILE conquers the Scandi-hardcore style better than any band I have heard coming from Eastern Canada. Hands down. Their lyrics are in French, making them one of the first Franco-Ontarian hardcore punk bands, at least from what I have heard. Members of ASILE have also payed their dues playing in such other bands as BASTARDATOR, TRIOXIN 245 and CAUCHEMAR. Their debut LP release “Kichesippi Toxique” gets its name from the true native Algonquin name for the Ottawa river, on which the city of Ottawa was established. This river is now quite polluted because of nuclear waste spills, human and industrial waste etc. This LP blew me away when I first heard it and I instantly knew I had to be a part of it. Be on the look out for the name ASILE because once people take notice of this LP there will be no stopping of this band. They previously released a 4 track tape which will be making its way to vinyl hopefully soon as well. Tentative tours are planned for next year of Eastern US and possibly Europe that won’t keep ASILE under the radar for long.