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  • AGAINST EMPIRE unleash their latest onslaught of hardcore punk with in the form of the Thieves and Leeches LP. Seven new tracks, plus a CRUCIFIX cover highlight their knack for mixing classic 80's style hardcore with hints of more modern crust punk influences. The recording is clean but powerful, with post-production mastering handled at Jack Control's Enormous Door Studios. AGAINST EMPIRE have been around for several years now and have previously released a full length LP, a split LP with ISKRA, a split 7" with AUKTION and more. If you have not yet heard AGAINST EMPIRE then now is the time to get started!
  • AGE OF COLLAPSE - Transmissions LP cover
    The sophomore album by San Diego’s AGE OF COLLAPSE, Transmissions, wanders down a much darker path than their debut LP, Burden of Beast. The harshest human emotions are filtered through the cold indifference of machinery. Themes of misinformation, paranoia, disconnection, blurred realities, and by-products of technological progress are manifested in frantic tempo changes and a veritable wall of distortion. Weaving between blazingly fast metallic hardcore punk, and slow and dreary clean-channel post-hardcore passages, Transmissions is an unrelenting treatise against the confines of the digital age; an apocalyptic and bleak look at a looming future. Beautifully packaged with illustrations by Amanda Kazemi. Recorded at Rarefield Studios by Dan Maier and mastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall. Limited marble rust vinyl limited to 100 copies, standard pressing on black vinyl. Comes with lyric insert and mp3 download card.
  • AGE OF COLLAPSE/ WARSCROLL - SPLIT LP Both bands are super heavy pissed off political crust punk from San Diego. Age of Collapse were formerly known as The Americans. Warscroll sings half in spanish and half in english -(singer from Bruise Violet). Great fucking record, both sides are brutal.
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    The wait was long, but now it's ready! A dignified follow-up of their first album! An intense Dolp from this dark crust band from Gothenburg. I haven't really enough words to describe this brutal yet twisted attack on my eardrums. Eight songs in just over 72 minutes(!) of death and blackmetal gloom with a healthy dose of crust punk influences leaving me speechless. The Double Lp comes in a beautiful gatefold with a foldout insert.
  • REPRESSED! Their "demo" cd hit me by surprise and I really couldn't refuse to put this out! These folks come from Gothenburg in lovely Sweden and deliver the goods! The demo (minus 1 song though) that you'll find on this black piece of vinyl hold 4 times thundering death and black metal soaked doom, with hints of crust, as well as atmospheric and epic darkness. The guitars range from devastating heaviness to gloomy acoustic sections, with piercing leads that flash through the darkness every now and then. If you've ever wanted to know exactly how your favourite metal, crust, and doom bands would have sounded like if they were one band this is where you should turn. I won't namedrop anything, just ask you to take me on my word that you really need to check this out if you've been even the slightest intrigued with what's written above. Even though I could drop many influential names, as well as list several of your favourite Swedish crustcore bands in the "members of" department. (Kleister) Black vinyl on Skuld Releases.
  • shredding release! Alehammer continue with their blend of classic uk crust and Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worshipping, heavy as hell makes all the neocrust bands look like scared little children. Featuring Scoot/Extinction of Mankind, Karl/Impulse Manslaughter and Shrew and Shrub/Prophecy of Doom. Tyrant are from Sweden and worship the swiss gods staying more on the metal side, death/black the old way influenced by Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Merciless and Discharge. Featuring Peter/Meanwhile-Crypt of Kerberos-Macrodex, Bragman and Andreas/The Black-Vinterland and Daniel/Insision-Dellamorte. Gatefold cover
  • Split between these two crucial progressive hardcore punk/crust groups.  ALPINIST from Munster, Germany plays chaotic and intense hardcore with post rock breakdowns.  MASAKARI rips through 8 tracks of pummeling hardcore and unrelenting crust. Brilliant stuff.  Both bands are intense live, and this split is highly recommended.  On black wax from our buddies at Halo of Flies Records.
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    PYRAMIDO:  “HEAVY.” – the band is just seriously demented psychedelic-doom in the vein of Grief, Electric Wizard and Noothgrush. The band is doomy, sludgy, crusty, stoner-esque, and while their music is laced with generics, there is also something extremely well calculated about their brand of doomy sludge. but, there is less of the Electric Wizard and more the Eyehategod, Goatsblood, Iron Monkey, and early High On Fire coming through the tunes on this split, even some hardcore; so I guess you could say it’s out goes the doom, in comes pure crusty, dry- retching, abrasive sludge. AMAROK: AMAZING doom. Dark, brooding, heavy and intense. members of THE MAKAI lay down fucking lava-esque doom with nice harmonies, triple vocals, they mix Khanate drone doom with modern atmospheric doom, kinda like Thou. European version on BOUE/VENDETTA/AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE, comes with black paper inners, poster, and lyric insert.
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    Knights of the Black Sun is the preview single for the first Amebix studio album in more than 20 years. This anthemic single is nearly six minutes long and is accompanied by a full length animated video crafted by Andy Lefton and Director Fin McAteer. The HD quality video will be included with the digital version of the single and will be accessible via download card free of charge for those who PRE- ORDER the 12" vinyl version from Profane Existence Distro.. The 12" version, released by Profane Existence Records, will be pressed on premium heavyweight (280 gram) virgin vinyl, include a laser etched image on the B-side, and will be limited to just 2000 copies.
      European version on BOUE/VENDETTA/AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE, comes with black paper inners, poster, and lyric insert.
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    Profane Existence is proud to team up with crust punk/metal legends Amebix for the release of three classic Amebix tracks as redone by the current lineup: Rob (aka “The Baron), Stig, and Roy. This is Amebix played louder, tighter and more intense than you've ever heard them before. All tracks recorded and produced by Roy Mayorga, mastered by Rodney Mills and vinyl lacquors cut by Prairie Cat Mastering. Total running time is approximately 17 minutes and is pressed on heavyweight black virgin 12” vinyl. The vinyl edition also includes a download card for the digital edition (including bonus track) and a large embroidered Amebix patch. The vinyl / CD tracks are Arise, Winter, and Chain Reaction. The digital release includes the bonus track Progress to preview their upcoming live album and DVD release.
    European version on BOUE/VENDETTA/AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE, comes with black paper inners, poster, and lyric insert.
  • The second album from this band from Slovenia, this first came out on CD and I had heard it was coming out on vinyl so I delayed for around year before I could get my hands on it, well worth the wait gate-fold cover and coloured vinyl, but nevermind that stuff the music itself is fantastic and crustal sound that reminds me a lot of Scotitsh Anarcho/crust bands like Scatha, Sedition and Constant Fear with lyrical subjects dealing with Animal Liberation, Homophobia and other sorts of topics along the same lines. Anaeroba have a great sound that is kinda of 10 years behind the sound of crust today which seems to be all the slowed down epic build ups and this is great as it is playing stuff that we love but it is only played by bands that seem not to exist anymore. Real kinda filthy Crust that seems to take the best parts of the best bands and mash it into their sound. Artwork done by Stiv. Tis great stuff and well worth checking out. (Alex Distro-y, review on D-Beat Beater)
  • Hailing from Warsaw, and picking up where Post Regiment threw the towel - no personal links apart from being friends, but if you listen to their music you hear the same passion and energy that Post Regiment built their songs on. Powerful, melodic punk with a female singer, but way more aggressive than the beforementioned. Old Armia stuff would be a good reference as well - and if you put the namedropping aside this is aproof of ongoing good tradition of polish HC-punk over the last decades!
  • CRUST-HARDCORE. "hardcore religion" deliver 12 songs (including a DISARM cover). There's been a long tradition of good, yet obscure bands in Malaysia. APPARATUS are one of them and no stranger to the underground crust scene. To their own raw, dark and heavy sound they're took inspiration from japanese, finn and swedish bands. Comes with heavy 380gr sleeve.
  • despot 05 -ARMISTICE 'Fluff and Stuff: The EP's and the Early Years' LP Armistice are among the best peace punk / crust bands going in Southern California. This LP collects together all of their early compilation tracks, EP and split EP (with Flux of Disorder) tracks, and even some unreleased material. This is an important collection of songs that have otherwise been unavailable for several years now. http://www.myspace.com/armistice
  • Finally, after months of waiting, here is the debut LP from Ottawa, Ontario's ASILE. (Asylum in French) Drawing influences by UK greats Discharge, Doom, and Swedish greats such as early Avskum, Shitlickers, Puke, but even more so Anti-Cimex, ASILE conquers the Scandi-hardcore style better than any band I have heard coming from Eastern Canada. Hands down. Their lyrics are in French, making them one of the first Franco-Ontarian hardcore punk bands, at least from what I have heard. Members of ASILE have also payed their dues playing in such other bands as BASTARDATOR, TRIOXIN 245 and CAUCHEMAR. Their debut LP release "Kichesippi Toxique" gets its name from the true native Algonquin name for the Ottawa river, on which the city of Ottawa was established. This river is now quite polluted because of nuclear waste spills, human and industrial waste etc. This LP blew me away when I first heard it and I instantly knew I had to be a part of it. Be on the look out for the name ASILE because once people take notice of this LP there will be no stopping of this band. They previously released a 4 track tape which will be making its way to vinyl hopefully soon as well. Tentative tours are planned for next year of Eastern US and possibly Europe that won't keep ASILE under the radar for long.
  • A pair of powerful hardcore punk bands from Sweden team up for a split LP, offering up high energy music that has the classic style down, but done with modern twist that keeps it totally interesting. BAMN starts out with a basic D-beat backdrop, but keep addign unique twists and turns, so that by the end of their album side they sound like a completely different band. BLACK STAR RISING also have that classic d-beat sound down, but veer way off the beaten path with interesting tempo changes and two vocalists who work well together. Most of theof the lyrics and inserts are in English (critical of the system and stupidity in punk) and gives one the impression they're heading towards the same path as DS-13 before them. Good stuff.
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    Finally a new Lp for the brazilian one man d-beat army! pure d-beat, equally influenced by Anti Cimex/Shitlickers as well as Discharge, and spiced with brazilian 80's brazilian hardcore. Out for their euro tour august/september 2011, 1000 copies.  Black vinyl, Agipunk Records (Italy).  Has foil-stamped logo on cover.
  • Raw, raging, and brutally political punk rock from Tokyo, Beyond Description pull off one great release after another. This LP was recorded in 2000, released in Germany in 2002, and is virtually unknown elsewhere.
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    TUNGUSKA / THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, split lp/cd sadness of noise 008 co-released with Trująca Fala, Organized Noise The Bold and the Beautiful started in autumn 2004 with a few members of punk bands from Lublin area (AntiChrist, Silence, G.C.M., Poem After Auschwitz, Unanimous Society's Paradox, AntiCop), cause guys were just pissed off on polish specific lifestyle, political madness, religious frauds and attitudes of scene gestapo/scene merchandise of some dumbs. They had an idea to connect fast and angry punkrock with old style sarcasm in the vein of early '80 hardcore and with political but not always deadly serious lyrics. In total - two guitars, two screamers, one bass and one drums. They call it Gitwa Punk and if you like Siekiera (a polish old punk "legend") you know what they mean - fast and furious crusty powerviolence, aggressive and in your face. On the other side of the split you find Tunguska - Irish/Polish hybride with heavy and dark monumental neocrust mayhem. Totally devastating and powerful wall of sound in the vein of Silence, FAR, The Dagda etc.
  • 8 tracks of relentless darkened crust hailing from Montreal. limited run of 500 copies. Split released with Mercy of Slumber.