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  • 4 song flexi from LA based raw d-beat punkers. For fans of Napalm Raid.
  • Portland, OR's underground crust miscreants NUX VOMICA unleash their Relapse Records debut and first full-length album in over 5 years. Blending the suffocating atmospherics of doom / sludge with the raw ferocity of black metal, punk and d-beat, NUX VOMICA construct an organic heaviness caught somewhere between Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone. Their self-titled LP is a 3 song, 40+ minute emotional odyssey into the depths of human darkness. A flawless combination of epic song structures with crushing melodies and colossal riffs with powerful dynamics, NUX VOMICA is a truly captivating listening experience that will appeal to fans of anything extreme.
  • AGE OF COLLAPSE - Transmissions LP cover
    The sophomore album by San Diego’s AGE OF COLLAPSE, Transmissions, wanders down a much darker path than their debut LP, Burden of Beast. The harshest human emotions are filtered through the cold indifference of machinery. Themes of misinformation, paranoia, disconnection, blurred realities, and by-products of technological progress are manifested in frantic tempo changes and a veritable wall of distortion. Weaving between blazingly fast metallic hardcore punk, and slow and dreary clean-channel post-hardcore passages, Transmissions is an unrelenting treatise against the confines of the digital age; an apocalyptic and bleak look at a looming future. Beautifully packaged with illustrations by Amanda Kazemi. Recorded at Rarefield Studios by Dan Maier and mastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall. Limited marble rust vinyl limited to 100 copies, standard pressing on black vinyl. Comes with lyric insert and mp3 download card.
  • This is an interesting record. The first tune relies on a hard-rocking riff to open up the record, but then things switch gears into a more straight-up punk / hardcore vein to close the A-side and open the B-side. The record finishes with a slower-plodding and stomping anthem reminiscent of a mix of crust and early ‘90s Dischord bands. On the whole, it works for me: musically eclectic, but it doesn’t stray far from the yard.  –The Lord Kveldulfr (RAZORCAKE)
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    After a fifteen year break to wise up and dry out, Portland's anarcho-punk legends RESIST are back and stronger than ever. Still anchored by original vocalist Tom Nims and guitar player Ward Youn, they have added new talent on bass and drums. While still distinctivelythe same fast and raw RESIST you remember from the old days, the song writing for this new material has greatly matured and is much more dimensional than anything before. The cover is a classic anarcho-punk fold out poster sleeve just like their last LP on Profane Existence. This record is being pressed on 100% recycled black vinyl because it's the right thing to do!
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    Totally raging and intense thrashy Norwegian hardcore. Lots of rapid guitar work and speedy bass lines complete with manic drumming and screaming. An awesome 7" that really floored me from the first listen. 7 tracks of Los Crudos styled Norwegian sounding insanity - highly recommended!
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    This is an amazing side project from members of Skarp, Wormwood and State of the Union (Joey's now in the Prids but who cares?). It features two drum kits going full force. Neurosis esque build ups into crazed noisy hardcore. Three vocalists, a wall of sound yet melodic. Comes in hand screened covers. The most DIY record I have done yet.
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    ORDER OF THE VULTURE returns with a release on Defector Records, "Death Mask." Death Mask features three songs from the newest recording session at the Ship. More Pitch Blackened Crust. Deathmask is loosely based around the Italian Teatro Grotesco most commonly associated with the writings of Pirandello from the 1920's. Their Nihilist anti-natural philosophies were a precursor to the Theatre of the Absurd. Highly recommended, check out their other releases on Aborted Society!
  • Finally the debut release by Seattle's own OCCULT SECRET SERVICE (OSS) makes its way onto vinyl in the 7" format. Influences range from the best of Scandinavian and Japanese hardcore, early UK metallic crust, and even some hints of early first wave black metal. Black vinyl on Rust and Machine Records.
  • Release by Portland's NUX VOMICA on Defector Records, color vinyl!
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    Back from a European tour, this is a very surprising, young and intelligent Hc-Punk band from Israel. Nice presentation and overall cool record. Comes with essays, poster/lyric insert with translations in Hebrew and English!
  • Repress of this 2010 EP. Classic stuff! An exciting new band from the Southern California area—which I have had the pleasure of seeing a few times this year—that has really caught my eye and ears. Featuring a collection of members from Mala Sangre, The Homewreckers, and Svarta Tankar, this band has an early ‘80s sound that takes pieces from South America and Mexico and make it sound relevant today. Songs sung in Spanish are backed by a sonic push of lightly distorted guitar sounds that give the music a raw edge but hook you with their strong melody. It makes you want to just dance in the pit or pogo in your room. First time I heard the music, I got energized with excitement that I’m really going to have fun listening to this instead of the usual appreciation of music through anger. I can’t wait to see what more is in store from this foursome. –Donofthedead (Mundo Muerto, myspace.com/mundoxmuerto) (Razorcake)
  • New 7″! Comes with a 12 page booklet(!!) and a 7″x42″ fold-out picture sleeve!! Female fronted anarcho punk, experimental pop, folk metal. This is probably the most diy and yet heavily packaged band on earth, this is another awesome installment from Italy’s romantic punk anarchists. Co-Released with Sapilla, S P Records, La Revolution Ne Sera Pas Motorisée, Deny Everything, Baobab Produzioni, Kutre Productions, Nuclear Chaos Released November 201. Black vinyl, so recommended it's not even funny!
  • 20th Anniversary collection of various tracks INTEGRITY recorded in 1992 with David Nicholi Araca on drums before his untimely passing. TRACKLIST Kingdom Of Heaven / Rebirth / Eighteen A389 Records, black wax.
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    THE HOLY MOUNTAIN hailing from Tampa, Florida! The Holy Mountain play a brutal brand of hardcore punk. Using the d-beat, the blast beat, bitter demented vocals, and fucked-up over the top guitar leads, The Holy Mountain dishes out musical violence that has been compared to bands like World Burns To Death, Driller Killer, From Ashes Rise, and Deathside. Dan from Combat Wounded Veteran handles vocal duties and pens bleak, spitefull lyrics railing against attoricities and oppression and the concentraitions of power responsible for them! COBRA NOIR are from Montreal, Quebeck. after proving that their debut was no fluke, Cobra Noir's next effort, the split with THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, is yet another hammer to the face, this time delivered with even more venom and malice. Just brooding hardcore that rages with ferocity, it would give a Norwegian black metal goon a case of fudge-laden Fruit Of The Looms. the songs channels the ravenous aggression of almost-forgotten Canadian hardcore kings UNION OF URANUS and the BLACK HAND, both bands who clearly had metal in their hardcore before the term "metalcore" held about as much weight as "I promise." Channelling these influences through the confrontational grit and fortitude of DISCHARGE, the result is an endless barrage of bowel-rumbling chords pushed through overdriven amplification, a vocal style reminiscent of a sinner's froth-laden wailing as Satan plucks out his pubic hairs one by one and drums that border on incomprehensible while still providing the thrust necessary to make this behemoth blow the stainless steel out of your lobes.
  • Originally released on an obscure label out of Canada (Hit The Deck Records), only very few copies of the original GEHENNA 'Land Of Sodom' 7" ever made it into anyone's hands. This brutal EP is finally available once again with a few improvements to the original recordings, re-dubbed 'Land Of Sodom II'. Also included is a CD with the LOSII tracks are the previous vinyl-only 'Upon The Gravehill' LP" tracks. FFO: Integrity / G.I.S.M. / Hellhammer TRACKLIST Vinyl: Tormentor / Possessed / Caveman / Land Of Sodom CD: Tormentor / Possessed / Caveman / Land Of Sodom / Lay To Waste / No One Will Ever Miss You / Sadist / My Survival / Mescalin Psychosis / The Voice Of Destruction / Spiraling To My Demise / I Made You / Trample This Earth / Upon The Gravehill On A389 Records, black wax w/ CD and gatefold jacket. Epic.
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    Enabler throws two calculated blasts of metallic hardcore onto one side while Drainland lays down a vile bile soaked dirge onto the other. 500 copies. black vinyl. Jan 2012. Pressed at United Record Pressing. Covers printed at Econopress. Includes download card. Co released with DeGraanRepubliek
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    FFour more songs of ultra-political punk rock that takes inspiration from classic 80's punk rock, ranging from Riot City to Crass to Discharge. With two male and one female vocalist, they hit their message home with a non-stop vocal barrage, directed against such poignant topics as religious intolerance, the senselessness of joining the military, police brutality, and western governments' complicity in genocide in the third world. Disrespect are comprised of veteran members of Minneapolis punk mainstains such as Misery, Civild Disobedience, Destroy and Pissed, Disrespect are rapidly making an inroad towards passing along their passion for punk and politics to the next generation.
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    Four new songs of crisp, fast and pissed off hardcore from Eugene's longest running hardcore band, this record takes all the melody and guitar leads of "Balls To You" and the speed, power and rawness of "Just Another Reason" to create four of the best tracks The Detonators have recorded in their twenty plus year career.
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