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  • AGE OF COLLAPSE - Transmissions LP cover
    The sophomore album by San Diego’s AGE OF COLLAPSE, Transmissions, wanders down a much darker path than their debut LP, Burden of Beast. The harshest human emotions are filtered through the cold indifference of machinery. Themes of misinformation, paranoia, disconnection, blurred realities, and by-products of technological progress are manifested in frantic tempo changes and a veritable wall of distortion. Weaving between blazingly fast metallic hardcore punk, and slow and dreary clean-channel post-hardcore passages, Transmissions is an unrelenting treatise against the confines of the digital age; an apocalyptic and bleak look at a looming future. Beautifully packaged with illustrations by Amanda Kazemi. Recorded at Rarefield Studios by Dan Maier and mastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall. Limited marble rust vinyl limited to 100 copies, standard pressing on black vinyl. Comes with lyric insert and mp3 download card.
  • Kriminal - demo
    This is the demo cassette from KRIMINAL, a brand new hardcore punk outfit based in Berlin, Germany. Very much in the 80s Scandinavian style of d-beat punk, KRIMINAL features ex- and current members of INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL, COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, NOCTURNAL SCUM, GUIDED CRADLE, and RANDOM BLACKOUTS, although musically this is more straightforward hardcore than the metal/crust-leaning output of their related bands. Lyrically this is a diverse mix of dystopian fiction and personal politics, nested within a wall of distorted rock n’ roll riffs and pummeling drums. Pressed with metallic silver plastic shells, comes with lyric insert and shrinkwrapped in Norelco cases. Recorded by sgt. g at Kriminal HQ in Berlin, mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory in April of 2016. Artwork by Muro.
  • Melbourne, Australia’s EXTINCTEXIST comes out of the gates with their first full-length LP, Cursed Earth, which we co-produced with longtime friends RUIN NATION RECORDS from Bremen, Germany. Cursed Earth, features six tracks of pummeling, unrelenting and heavy political hardcore punk. With members of PISSCHRIST, NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, SCHIFOSI, and ABC WEAPONS, this project is certainly aligned with the punk/d-beat offerings of their former bands, yet with a refined metallic edge and extended song lengths that give way to moody intros and dirge-ridden passages. Lyrically the album deals with the conflict between the developed and natural worlds, in the context of a bleak, unpromising future. Recorded by Jason Fuller at Goatsound in Victoria, Australia, mixed by Heng Shen Yeap, mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door in Austin, TX., and artwork by Santiago Mazatl. Includes a beautiful full-sized lyric booklet, black vinyl, jacket, and mp3 download codes.
  • This is the second full-length release from COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, a 3-piece based in Seattle, WA whose sound originated in apocalyptic crust and progressed into more melodic, post-punk territories over the past eight years of their tenure. Thick layers of reverb and chorus-effected darkwave riffs, sometimes reminiscent of early KILLING JOKE or AMEBIX, weave in and out of the lines between punk, hardcore, and d-beat crust, while retaining a unique identity in each of the eight tracks on the album. Lyrically this album addresses the conflict between the artificial and natural worlds, and the struggle to preserve humanity in an increasingly digitized and bleak dystopian future. Through a reconnection to nature the path toward destruction can be altered, and thereby escaping the psychological constraints of the modern age. Recorded at Buzz or Howl Studios by Stan Wright (Arctic Flowers) in Portland, OR, and mastered by Jack Control (WB2D) at Enormous Door Studios in Austin, TX.
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    Aborted Society Records specializes in releasing records that both look and sound great. Our Rainbow package is 4  Aborted releases on brightly colored vinyl. Package Includes:

    NUX VOMICA – A Civilized World LP on Translucent Blue Vinyl

    MURDERESS – The Last Thing You Will Ever See LP on Swamp Green Vinyl

    Adelit@s / Kohosh – Split 12″ on Translucent Red Vinyl

    NÜ-KLĒ-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN – demos 12″ on Coke-bottle Clear Vinyl

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    Anarcho Starter Pack

    $26.79 $21.00
    From it's inception Aborted Society has been releasing metal-influenced crust and hardcore punk. This package consists of 2 LPs that lean heavily into anarcho punk. Package Includes:

    Adelit@s / Kohosh – Split 12″ on Translucent Red Vinyl

    KALASHNIKOV COLLECTIVE – L’Algebra Morente Del Cielo LP on Black Vinyl w/ 16-page color booklet

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    From it's inception Aborted Society has been releasing metal-influenced crust and hardcore punk. This package consists of 2 LPs that lean more heavily into the death metal side of crust. Package Includes:

    MURDERESS – The Gate 12″ on White Vinyl

    INSIDIOUS PROCESS – s/t LP on Brown/Silver/White Splatter Vinyl

  • Sale!
    From it's inception Aborted Society has been releasing metal-influenced crust and hardcore punk. This package consists of 3 LPs from bands that have been expanding / mixing new influences into the crust/hardcore genre over the last decade. Package Includes:

    NUX VOMICA – A Civilized World LP on Translucent Blue Vinyl

    AGE OF COLLAPSE – Burden of Beast – LP on Clear Vinyl

    COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON – Through the Wires – LP on Black Vinyl

  • Bremerton, WA’s premier crust machine Blight delivers 5 tracks of crushing metallic crust on this release. Reminscient of Disrupt, Bolt Thrower, etc. Members later went on to form SANCTUM and DETONIZE. Includes lyric insert. Split label release with Barrage of Salt Records.
  • 4 tracks of unrelenting melodic hardcore from Australia’s Schifosi. Epic, brutal, quintessential hardcore crust with female vocals. Extremely powerful lyrics, artwork, and presentation. Taking right where their LP “Ill Winds from Outopia” left off, this release is darker, heavier, and more melody driven. Includes lyric insert.
  • Aborted Society and Fistolo Records are proud to present the debut EP from Seattle’s folk punk ensemble, Meisce (pronounced Mesh-Kyuh). Elements of Irish folk, gypsy, and eastern European klezmer come together underneath a very strong punk rock influence. Two tracks featuring mandolin, accordion, fiddle, guitars, bass, drums, and vocals on this release. The perfect soundtrack for an evening of drunken debauchery! Recorded by Brandon Fitzsimons at the Audaretum in Seattle and mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio. Includes current members of: Wormwood, Inhaste, Countdown to Armageddon, Oakhelm, and Slightly Less Than Nothing.
  • From the storms of Minneapolis’ sub-zero winters hails BLACKOUT with their debut LP release on Aborted Society. Drawing on equal parts hardcore, punk, blues, and metal, this is ten tracks of raw, unabided Midwest madness. Recorded by Jon Greenslit at the House of Misery Studios in 2006, this is the alcoholic soundtrack for the apocalypse – a heavy influential doseage of Motorhead and Poison Idea while retaining a strong DIY punk sensibility. Impeccably catchy riffs and bluesy guitar solos wind their way through songs of drinking and rogue debauchery. Includes current and ex-members of Provoked, Scorned, Stillborn, Assrash, and Phalanx, among others. Release includes color printed inner sleeve with lyrics, first pressing of 500 on black vinyl.
  • Following directly on their heels of their 2007 debut LP, Minneapolis’ BLACKOUT deliver another dose of angst-ridden punk rock’n’roll madness. The music is powerful hardcore punk (read POISON IDEA) with a healthy dose of MOTÖRHEAD style metal. Lyrics are cut-to-the-bone observations about life on the ugly underside of society and are heavily influenced by classic American Blues music. BLACKOUT members have been part of the Profane Existence family for nearly two decades and include members of ASSRASH, PROVOKED, STILLBORN, PHALANX, etc. As with the previous album, this was recorded at the House of Misery studio and the CD version is available from Profane Existence Records.  Musically this album is heavier, better produced and orchestrated than their debut. Cover artwork by Yvette.
  • Now defunct melodic crust from Seattle, WA. 10 tracks of intense, political hardcore punk with a heavy early 80’s Scandinavian influence. Split release with No Options Records. CD release includes early material including the split 7″ w/ Decrepit as well as previously unreleased material. Members went on to form COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, WORLD FUNERAL, CITY OF DUST, SKITSOFRENIA.
  • A refreshing mix of melodic punk and hardcore with dual male/female vocals, this is the first release by Seattle area group RATBITE.  Super-catchy dueling guitar leads provide a solid backdrop to energetic hardcore, sometimes weaving in and out of slow and surprisingly heavy dirges and breakdowns.  Featuring members of Snuggle, Pipsqueak, Lost Cause, Hexane, and Murmurs. Recorded by Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery and mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio.
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