Date Formed: 2006

Location: Augusta, GA / Columbia, SC / Brooklyn NY


Anna: vocal, Diana: vocal, Martin: bass, Chris: drums, Grady: guitar

(ex-members: Katie: vocal, Ami: vocal, Billy Zass: bass)


  • Demo Tape (Limited 100 copies)(Microphonic Meltdown Tapes)
  • 8″ Lathe (Limited 50 copies, clear lathe cut vinyl)
  • Force Fed demo tape (Limited 50 copies)(Microphonic Meltdown Tapes)
  • Blot out the Worthless Sun LP (Microphonic Meltdown/SPHC Records) (100 white vinyl / 400 black vinyl) (50 of the white came with handmade obi strip from band)
  • Arms of Static EP (Detonate Records)(Limited 500 black vinyl)
  • The Wheel of Fate Is Turning EP (SPHC Records) (Limited 100 green vinyl / 400 black vinyl)
  • Blot out the Worthless Sun Tour Tape (Limited 50 copies)
  • Arms of Static Tour Tape (Limited 50 copies)
  • DigiPack Tour CD (All Studio Recordings) (Limited 100 copies)
  • Blot out the Worthless Sun LP (SPHC repress / blue vinyl / Limited 300)
  • Lathe and Demo Recordings 12” (Aborted Society)


Related Projects: The Skuds, Violent Party