From Profane Existence:

ABSOC025LPRed500pxOnce again, Rob and Matt at Aborted Society Records has managed to release something that is exceptionally good! ADELIT@S play excellent melodic punk rock with a very strong emphasis on the socio/politcal theme. It’s intelligent, straight forward and very pleasing to the ear. This band offers much insight into our world and the many afflictions that plague this place. It’s truthful and the catchy songs bring an involuntary action to your fist being raised…and it’s very cathartic! There’s some great lyrical content here with the dual female/male vocals…for example “Stop talking to me about the laws – this nation is illegal“…simple, but very effective. I love what this band is doing. To some degree, I affiliate a few of the bands nuances to Los Crudos, and that’s due to them singing in Spanish and criticizing the countries failed efforts at seeing “illegals” as first class citizens. There’s so much more this band has to offer. So I highly recommend you get off your rump, if you haven’t already and add this to your collection. (Leffer)

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