NUX VOMICA - Embrace the Cycles 7"

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from PE #64 –

NUX VOMICA – Embrace the Cycles 7″

NUX VOMICA might be every record reviewers worst nightmare. Not because they aren’t a good band, on the contrary, they are too awesome. Their sound is almost impossible to describe, as it does not fit neatly into any predefined genre or pigeon hole. Instead they draw elements from every great form of heavy music, including metal, punk, crust, and hardcore. The result is ultimately discursive, heavy, uniquely original and totally epic, loaded with intensity, passion, and excellent musicianship. The two songs on this record are no exception. To me it feels like maybe they were listening to a bit more black metal when they wrote these, but maybe not. They also incorporate a viola for an extra layer of epic atmosphere. The lyrics are, as always, intelligent, insightful, poetic, contemplative, introspective, and a bit confusing. The cover art is as bleak and epic as the music, with a barren, desolate, foggy, hopeless looking photo of a decaying, partially deforested landscape. This 7” is a European tour release, limited to 500 copies, pressed on grey/brown marbled vinyl, so get this while you can. Another great release by this innovative band. (righteous)


from PE #64 –

ORDER OF THE VULTURE - Martyr for Nothing EP - red vinylORDER OF THE VULTURE – Martyr for Nothing EP

Starting from the outside, this 7” is totally eye catching. It’s done in black, grey, red and white in a black metal-ish font. The cover has a robed skeleton and the back has the bands logo splitting the sleeve open down the middle opening up like shutters. The inside has a few old morbid photos and a separate full size lyric card. The first two songs seem to be written from the perspective of the undead, while the third is a tad more living, personal and emotional. All three tracks are fairly old, coming from a recording session in 2004 that were recently re-mastered and unleashed upon the public. Their style isn’t fresh and new, but it’s a rock solid, foot up on the monitor, head banging, throwing up the horns in your favorite black jeans, patched up vest and wrist to elbow spiked gauntlets sort of kick ass slab o’ pressed petroleum. If brutal driving crust with vocals that are heavily influenced by first generation black metal is you’re cup of tea, then you should grab this. There are only 550 pressed: 440 on red, 110 on black and somewhere in there are 50 that come in a hand crafted boxes with all sorts of bells and whistles that would drive any collector nuts. (Jake)